What is AIKIDO

The art of Aikido relays on a variety of techniques from the ancient days of the Samurai, including "empty- hand" techniques as well as using traditional weapons.

The specialty of this art is in the principle of "Non-Resistance" (Safely integrating with the attack instead of opposing it in order to neutralize it).
Applying this principle effectively requires a high level of body-mind control and lots of training. With time & practice it may benefit our body greatly!
Aikido does not require great physical strength and there for may also fit women and people with weaker body constitution, interested in developing elegancy & internal power. Aikido practice is a way of life beginning by learning techniques and correct bodily usage, and continues through interaction with partners and practical application.

Practice is recommended out of inspiration to the beauty and uniqueness of Aikido. Any person may fit for practice regardless in his\her constitution, size, sex etc. Nevertheless, in case of disability or any medica limitation one should consult a qualified instructor prior to their training period.

(Taken from my website)