Saturday, February 27, 2016

Medicine & Health

Modern Medicine is NOT healthy in nature!
It is designed to manipulatively "fix" the body's impairments without concern regarding of how the problems evolved. Modern medicine does not concern the person who got sick/injured and therefore confront the problem by itself, often causing damage to the body itself and "burning out" natural resources of healing in the body due to the conflict between its natural needs and the problem.

In nature, there are no problems/sicknesses as an independent entity. Problems evolve out of a conflict between the body's needs & Physiological nature and our behavior. We often use the body in mental, emotional and physical ways that are against its nature and thus creating our problems. Mostly this is done due to lack of awareness as we live inside our body and take it for granted.
This is where Natural Medicine comes in: mostly to bring our awareness back into our body, into those areas and systems we destroy.

The fixing is than done by nature itself, once we provide the conditions for it to happen.

Blessings of Health!!!