Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weapon in Aikido

Recently I came to a certain unique understanding of the value of practicing traditional weapons of Aikido:

The Sword, or AIKIKEN- helps to train in the power of the cut which is the power of Aikido. Also since it is a copy of a live blade (Words from SAOTOME Sensei) it promotes sincerity in practice. Martial art is an art of choosing life in a matter of life an death. It requires discipline!

The Short staff, or AIKIJO- helps to train thrust power as well as a circular fluent motion (since it has two edges the can be easily altered).

The Knife, or TANTO- helps to sharpen the senses & awareness since it is very small, "tricky"& dangerous so it forces us to pay more attention to our practice.

These weapons really extend our quality of practice in Aikido!
Think about it...