Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weapon in Aikido

Recently I came to a certain unique understanding of the value of practicing traditional weapons of Aikido:

The Sword, or AIKIKEN- helps to train in the power of the cut which is the power of Aikido. Also since it is a copy of a live blade (Words from SAOTOME Sensei) it promotes sincerity in practice. Martial art is an art of choosing life in a matter of life an death. It requires discipline!

The Short staff, or AIKIJO- helps to train thrust power as well as a circular fluent motion (since it has two edges the can be easily altered).

The Knife, or TANTO- helps to sharpen the senses & awareness since it is very small, "tricky"& dangerous so it forces us to pay more attention to our practice.

These weapons really extend our quality of practice in Aikido!
Think about it...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Incredible intuitive experience of "no mind".

Lately I was tutoring a student of mine who wished to improve her kneading technique in Anma massage ("Jyunetsu ho"). She had a really hard time putting all the rules in her mind together into a synchronized rhythmic motion. I have tried to suggest several ways to build up a coordinated practice with no real improvement, until....

I noticed that she holds her breath every time she applies pressure. Therefore I suggested she should stop supervising the body with her mind and let the body roll naturally as if the motion creates itself. Only one thing: when she applies pressure she should focus on relaxing the lower back and releasing the air in the abdomen!

Just like wonder she miraculously changed and was able to perform kneading anywhere on the body!
She was surprised!
Of course it reminded me the times when I had my Aikido Dojo (school) and I always instructed the students to "leave their minds outside the door" when they come in the Dojo!

In the modern world we strive to supervise everything we experience with our mind, but the mind is very limited in doing that. Very often by learning "in our head" we do not really absorb the material in full unless we practice it allowing our body (senses & care) to become acquainted with it. It is a more simple, yet enjoyable and practical way to learn!!