Sunday, November 11, 2012


I have noticed that lots of schools nowadays refers to the subject they are educating as an "art".
"The art of..." is a common promotional phrase usually added to any subject needed to be further noticed. Yet, in many cases a common person may wonder where is the art in what is displayed or advertised.
As for Martial arts I mostly encounter modalities that seem to be highly brutal and it makes me wonder: what is ART? Why do we call Martial arts as "arts" and where is the art in healing arts, too?

As a child I had a tendency to be attracted to arts of many kinds: Painting, sculpturing, acting, singing and more. I came to realize that an art is a term related to something highly inspiring and beautiful, something that reveals a high level of expertise of the practitioners.
An art is a high level of "polished" skill, both in performance and in understanding of the art.

In Japanese language there is a term: “Jitsu" which is commonly translated as "art".
Many Martial arts use it such as "JIU-JITSU", "BO JITSU", "BUJITSU", "KYU JITSU" etc.
When I try to grasp the meaning of those "arts" I come up with the term "SKILLS".
I believe that many arts are simply skills that throughout consistent training may promote the practitioner into a level of an artist, beautifully displaying his art and inspiring the viewers!
Where some Martial "arts" are just highly effective tools for self-defense, survival etc. they lack the beauty & inspiration of an art. Very often most practitioners retire at older age, where some other Martial arts may become ways of self-polishing into a level of not only effectiveness, but also beauty, elegance and inspiration even at older age.

Healing arts may also lead to such level, where the practitioner may inspire the audience with a high level of accuracy, effectiveness in healing and also elegant yet powerful performance!
I find that the ability to perform incredible practice with almost no effort is highly inspiring.

Any art in real can only inspire some audience and not everybody!
It takes certain levels of sensitivity and attraction by the viewers in order to appreciate the art and the artist. Mass-displayed performance cannot be appreciated by all people , for example a beautiful picture may not be well appreciated by small kids.
The viewers need to be mature enough to notice the high level of accuracy, elegance, effortless power etc. presented by the artist.
That’s what makes an art different than just good technical skill.