Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, dear readers.

In this new blog I dedicate all my knowledge and experience for educating you about three skills I practice and their great contribution to our health in modern life: Shiatsu, Anma and Aikido.
I have prepared a special page for the two complementary arts. One for Shiatsu-Anma & healing arts, and one for Aikido & Martial arts.

The main common factor between all those arts is the focus around "KI" ("QI" in Chi.), the "life force" that nurtures all beings in our planet. When we are aware of it flowing in our bodies and all around us, our health is at its best!

In this blog I will write articles, bring stories, treatment cases, links, media and more, all to educate your awareness of a better health and well-being, as known for centuries in the far-East.

You are most welcome to browse my personal website and profile as well!